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Tuesday, 15th March 2016

By Candace Cathey


Collaboration between information professionals and information technology experts has long been lacking. As use of online and mobile sources becomes more prevalent in the legal sector, together with demands of the digital workplace, there is an ever-greater demand for IS and IT experts to work together a long-term basis. We highlight recent Jinfo content which helps tackle these challenges.


Building Relationships

In last quarter's update, I briefly touched on the January-March 2016 Jinfo Research Focus, "Strategic Alignment of IS and IT".

One of the major challenges information managers face is issues with IT. This Focus takes an in-depth look at how information services and IT departments can form an alignment between one another.


By putting their differences aside and forming an alliance, both departments can achieve strategic goals and open up opportunities. For example, in Kate Lomax's article "Impact of Mobile Working on the Digital Workplace", she explains how having a digital workplace and owning devices can lead to improvement in work expectations and increase employee productivity - and how working with IT is essential to achieving that goal.


Recent Content of particular interest to our customers in the legal sector:

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