Robin Neidorf Research update - invest in your 2020 vision
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Thursday, 19th December 2019

By Robin Neidorf


Jinfo's final newsletter of 2019 offers you some key pointers on how to get 2020 off to a flying start.


A new decade is around the corner. Whether you are taking a few days, a few weeks, or a few hours off during the holiday period, make sure you have your tools and resources lined up and ready to go for when you get back to work in 2020:

Update your strategy and operations with Jinfo models

Jinfo models are like having a consultant in PDF. Through our research, we identify critical topics, then create worksheets, diagrams and step-by-step guidance to enable you to ask the required questions to address a need in your department or organisation. Here are two of our latest - download them now to start work in January:

Or check out the full list of published models here for the ones that meet your needs.

Make time

Yes, I know - none of us have enough time to invest in planning and strategy. Make time by adding Jinfo webinars or Community sessions to your January - March calendar today. Each is only 60 minutes long and is designed specifically to give you just enough information to work with, without overwhelming you with new ideas.

The full calendar of webinars is here, and the line-up of Community sessions is here.

For a great kick-off to the year, join the "State of the industry, 2020" webinar on 14th January, and the Community session on the same topic on 21st January. Listen to the presentation in the webinar, and/or join the live discussion in the Community session.

Consider Jinfo Consulting workshops

You'll get back from your break refreshed and ready for new ideas. Jinfo Consulting workshops are a way to bring in and tailor our expertise to what you need - strategy, portfolio management, communications skills, workflow optimisation and more.

Check out our latest offerings here, including our newest workshop, "Construct your roadmap to an Information Centre of Excellence".

Use it or lose it

If you're at year-end and need to use that last bit of budget, now is the time:

Our head of commercial development, Claire Laybats, can help you find the right value for money, so contact her today.

I still can't get my head around saying 'January 2020'. But that's when we'll greet you next. In the meantime, have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

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