Robin Neidorf Research update - solve three problems when you develop scorecards
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Thursday, 6th May 2021

By Robin Neidorf


Discover Jinfo’s new Scorecard methodology offering self-paced activities to help you create the clear visual tools you need to improve stakeholder communications, strengthen negotiations and deepen your strategic content portfolio management.


Imagine having a content portfolio management tool that enables you to solve three critical problems:

  1. Strengthen contract negotiations
  2. Improve stakeholder communications and engagement on information value
  3. Translate complex data and user feedback into clear summaries of value.

What's that worth to your organisation?

Content licensing teams are excited about how valuable our new "Scorecard" methodology is to them.

Join their ranks by visiting the Scorecards landing page, where you'll find:

We developed the Scorecard methodology with some of the best content licensing teams out there, from the one-man band up to the most sophisticated specialised procurement groups.

Jinfo Consulting on Content Portfolio could give your team the structure and accountability to ensure your scorecards are ready for your strategic portfolio reviews.

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