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Thursday, 9th September 2021

By Robin Neidorf


New additions to Jinfo's team of senior analysts bring decades of real-world experience into the next iteration of our Focus on Value Chain. Together we can help you crack the code of ROI, through Consulting on Value Chain tailored to your goals, timeline and budget.


As Director of Research, I have the privilege of a bird's-eye view gained through working with all types of information teams across a range of industries.

Our Focus on Value Chain is one result of that privilege – a breakthrough approach for tying information products, services and expertise to quantifiable business outcomes.

From my position "in the lab," I can think laterally about solutions without worrying about real-world variables like personalities, corporate politics, or budget constraints.

But it only matters if it works in the real world, not just in the lab.

In August, we took our development a step further, by running internal workshops on the process of Value Chain analysis, customer experiences and results, for Jinfo's senior analysts:

  • Stephen Phillips, with 35 years' experience, including most recently as the Head of Business Information Management at a global investment bank

  • Susan Gleckner, with 30 years' experience, including most recently as Associate Director responsible for information research strategy and operations for R&D in the consumer division of a global pharmaceutical company.

Whilst I was working out models and theories in the lab, they were actually on the ground, doing the job. Now as a team, our knowledge – both theoretical and practical – represents an incredible resource for Jinfo clients seeking to crack the code of ROI.

It's exciting to share the Focus on Value Chain and the analysis it enables our clients to do with these talented colleagues. The resulting discussions sharpen all of our thinking and make us even more equipped to adapt our methods for your needs.

We'd love to include you in the discussion. Consulting on Value Chain can be tailored to your goals, timeline and budget – contact us today.

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