Stephen Phillips 2022: the more things change, the more they stay the same
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1st December 2022

By Stephen Phillips


2022 started with confidence riding high, but eleven months later, things are very different. Yet our clients tell us they face the same, perennial demands: drive costs down; drive value up; deliver hyper specific business and competitor intelligence; and the ongoing war for talent to address these demands.


2022 started optimistically for most. Coming out of the pandemic, markets were riding high, work pipelines were looking good and business leaders and commentators were sounding confident.

Eleven months on, much has changed, although many things remain the same:

  • The appetite to reduce costs remains, despite inflationary pressures. In our recent Community session we explored the complex combination of successful cost reduction strategies of "Stakeholder engagement", "Demand management", "Knowing the market" and "Proactive vendor management" – read the follow-up Jinfo Article

  • An organisation’s information spend with 3rd party providers is often many multiples of the cost of the information management team itself. It is vital that the team focuses "on the money" to drive more value from critical vendors. Register for our December Community session to learn about "Holding Vendors to Account" (15th December 2022)

  • Competitor Intelligence (CI) is more important than ever in driving corporate revenues. Many already have a CI component to their team, but recognise the importance and value of evolving CI from a tactical to a strategic capability. Analyst Denise Carter is helping Jinfo clients build on their existing CI services to become CI Leaders. Contact me to discuss

  • The war for talent remains a significant challenge. This will only intensify, with many people preferring to stay in roles to ride out the storm. Our January Community session will feature a leading recruitment expert to discuss these issues and explore successful recruitment strategies. Register here

Whilst the countdown to the end of the year has well and truly begun, it feels like we will all be living with the legacies of 2022 for some time to come.  

There is still time to act. If you have budget left for 2022, use it on a Jinfo Subscription. It will pay for itself many times over in 2023, I guarantee it.

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