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Newsletter 589

28th April

Trust Your Knowledge, Elevate Your Standing

Robin Neidorf
One of the most important contributors to the success of Value Chain Analysis is difficult to capture in self-paced guidance activities and webinars available to clients as part of the Focus on Value Chain:

It’s the shift in mindset from “here’s what we do” to “here’s why it matters”.

Again and again in our client work, we challenge and encourage information teams to trust – and then build on – their knowledge of the business context for information. 

The most common response we get is, “But we don’t know, and stakeholders don’t tell us.”

Here’s the secret we share multiple times every week:
You know more than you think you do. Trust your knowledge.

That’s the mindset shift – to be willing to create a hypothesis about what’s happening in the business. You don’t have to know the answer; all you need to do is make an educated guess. 

This shift tends to be out of the comfort zone of most information teams. That’s ok; that’s normal. And the best ways to cultivate comfort are these:

Let’s say it again: You know more than you think you do. The process and practice of Value Chain Analysis can make your expertise visible to stakeholders.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

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Information Analyst, energy industry
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