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Newsletter 590

12th May

What can you do with Value Chain Analysis? What CAN'T you do?

Robin Neidorf
I’m occasionally asked how Jinfo developed the methodology for Value Chain Analysis. In the latest video on our YouTube channel, “What’s the origin of Value Chain Analysis?” (5 minutes), I explain the genesis of the idea that became the method, arising in a client meeting nearly a decade ago.

Since that time, we have adapted and applied the methodology to clients across the spectrum of industries – pharma, manufacturing, professional services, even information suppliers. 

They, in turn, have applied it to a range of challenges:

  • Aligning investments in information with value to the business
  • Ensuring that precious team capacity is spent on the most valuable activities
  • Identifying meaningful KPIs for the value of information products, services and expertise (hint: it’s rarely “usage”)
  • Learning to speak the language of stakeholders to transform those critical relationships.

As I write this, we have no fewer than 10 active client engagements in which Value Chain Analysis is a central component. Each is at a different stage in the process; each team is applying the concepts a bit differently.

What is consistent, however, is that this work is transformative. The skills and perspective a team develops through Value Chain Analysis utterly change how they run their departments, communicate with stakeholders, and perceive their own value.

That’s powerful. Especially when multiplied by 10 – not to mention all the teams we’ve worked with before.

It takes most teams about three months to work through the foundation of Value Chain Analysis. Although our client roster is full through August 2022, we do have limited capacity to get you and your team started, from September.

If you’d like to emerge from 2022 with a transformed ability to measure, manage and communicate value, start the conversation today.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

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