Robin Neidorf Research update - the content licensing "dream team"
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Thursday, 8th April 2021

By Robin Neidorf


Build your "dream team" for strategic content portfolio management – join this month's contract negotiation clinic and benefit from the ideas of your peers and Jinfo's wide-ranging practical insights, and consider using Jinfo to upskill your team.


How would you assemble your "dream team" for strategic content portfolio management?

Alongside your colleagues, and regardless of your priorities (see our self-assessment worksheet), your team should also consist of external members, both formal and informal.

If you cultivate an external "dream team" you will get:

  • Fresh ideas and input for different ways of looking at a problem
  • A sounding board for vendor relationship management and stakeholder engagement
  • Direction of what "best practice" might mean in your organisation.

We can be both a facilitator for, and part of, your team:

Jinfo Community - industry dream team

Participants in the recent Community session on "Usage data in contract negotiations" formed an industry-wide dream team, and came away with new ideas and insights into planning, managing and negotiating contracts for third-party information. See the anonymised report of our robust discussion.

You can join the dream team in April's Negotiation clinic - role-play and Q&A, which is included in your Jinfo Subscription.

Jinfo Consulting - upskill and strengthen

We recently created a series of tailored workshops on best practices, supplier relationship management, and developing scorecards for one of our consulting customers.

Through these workshops, this particular team achieved these goals:

  • Level-setting skills across the team
  • Establishing shared frameworks for portfolio and relationship management
  • Comparing their practices to industry standards and trends.

We can do the same for your internal team, if you contact us about Consulting on Content Portfolio.

Let us help you imagine, build and cultivate your dream team. If you're responsible for content licensing, make Jinfo part of your team.

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