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Monday, 13th September 2021

By Stephen Phillips


Tie the value of your content portfolio to commercial impact. Jinfo clients achieve this goal through our metrics-based methodology. The result? A metrics-backed perspective to strengthen negotiating positions and improve stakeholder engagement.


Effective value-based portfolio management requires you to have in-depth knowledge of your internal clients' processes.

Two examples from recent Consulting on Content Portfolio workshops with Jinfo clients highlight the practical application of this knowledge:

  • Manufacturing: Analysis of what contributes to "efficient innovation" enables the information team to link specific information products with shorter development cycles and faster, more creative identification of "white space"

  • Pharmaceuticals: Deconstruction of how the information team shortened the process of narrowing 500 research targets to 100 made visible (and measurable) the commercial contributions of both expertise and products.

Both clients now can approach their vendor negotiations from a value-based perspective, supported by their own metrics.

As an added benefit, they have made positive shifts in their relationships with internal stakeholders. By speaking the language of their clients and learning their world from the inside out, these teams reinforce their bona fides as trusted advisers essential to digitised R&D.

You can hear more directly from peers having these breakthroughs and successes by joining our upcoming Community sessions in the Focus on Content Portfolio:

Talk with us about Consulting on Content Portfolio to explore what your own transformation can look like.

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