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Tuesday, 4th February 2020

By Robin Neidorf


If you're responsible for information strategy, the current Research Focus on the Information Centre of Excellence was tailor-made for you. Make it your own, to sharpen strategy, communicate with leadership, develop your team, and future-proof your service.


Jinfo defines "information strategy" as the thinking, planning, implementation and measurement an organisation has as it:

  1. Maximises the opportunities and value of information
  2. Minimises the risks associated with information.

We think this is the best and most valuable application of information expertise in any organisation, and we strive to help you lead, influence and shape that strategy.

Our latest Research Focus, "The Information Centre of Excellence - commercial, consultative, collaborative", is a comprehensive and practical guide and resource to do exactly that.

At your fingertips in your Jinfo Subscription:

The big picture of strategy: Know the industry context, what your leadership needs to know and how to sharpen your vision on the future of information in your business.

Practical analysis of "commercial awareness": You know it's needed, but what does it mean and how do you cultivate it within your team?

Making strategy operational: Close the gap between vision and reality, by applying strategy to the details of operations.

  • Webinar: Maturity models for remote teams - get the best out of your team through tight operations, regardless of where everyone is located (hint: this works for local teams as well!)

It's a treasure-trove of materials. Set a goal of reviewing two items per week to make it manageable. Or plan your use of Jinfo around our Webinar and Community session schedule - an hour or two per month keeps you on your A-game.

Bring Jinfo in-house with Consulting Workshops

For direct assistance from a senior analyst, consider the Jinfo Consulting Workshop, "Future-proof your information service". In three online workshop sessions, we'll work directly with you on a series of discussions and exercises. You'll emerge with a fresh, practical strategy - or an enhanced version of your existing one.

Request information by completing the form on this page.

And join us for the next Community session, "Jinfo for information strategy", coming in March.

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