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Newsletter 570

8th July

Focus on Content Portfolio

What's new in Content Portfolio

Lots of information teams struggle with distributed budgeting, cost allocations, and all the variations of "pass the hat" for funding information resources and services.

We're excited to start a consulting project with one client to move past these frustrations with the right combination of vision, stakeholder support, and Jinfo's methodologies in our Focus on Content Portfolio.

Over the next few months, this information team will:

  • Develop and validate an investment philosophy for licensing decisions, based on desired outcomes rather than (solely) on costs
  • Partner with senior stakeholders to cultivate organisational values of agility and innovation within the context of the portfolio strategy
  • Facilitate budget dialogue as the expert advisors entrusted with guiding business leaders to the best investment decisions.

Everyone responsible for content portfolio management has some frustrations, questions or organisational quirks they have to deal with.

Talk to us about your frustrations, and we can design Consulting on Content Portfolio to give you the tools, support and visibility you need as the expert content advisor to your organisation.

Stephen Phillips
Senior Analyst

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Focus on Centre of Excellence

What's new in Centre of Excellence

"Activate your superpowers as information experts."

That's how one participant in June's Community session, Centre of Excellence - examples of Pillars of Service and Known Fors, described the impact of Jinfo's Focus on Centre of Excellence.

Other comments from the participants, all sharing insights about their Pillars of Service and Known Fors:

  • "The Pillars let us alter our way of thinking, so we focus more on the users and what users think we are there for."
  • "Aiming to be 'trusted advisors', based on our Known Fors, has been difficult, but very satisfying when we hit the target."

There's still room to join the next session on 13th July Centre of Excellence - make progress on your evolution, with your peers – click to learn more and register. Get inspired, share ideas, and recognise your super powers, in collaboration with your peers.

Rebecca Brizi
Senior Analyst

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Jinfo TipSubscription Tip: Find your Focus with Jinfo
We have organised all of our research within our three Focus areas - Value Chain, Content Portfolio and Centre of Excellence. For assistance mapping your primary concerns with these Focus areas, please contact us to arrange a short call. If you prefer email guidance, simply list your key challenges in the "comments" box, and your account manager will get back to you.


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Focus on Value Chain

What's new in Value Chain

In the years since Jinfo first developed the material that now forms the foundation of our Focus on Value Chain, one fundamental truth has been
proven again and again:

"Articulating value comes before everything else."

Practice making value tangible, visible and measurable. Start with the Jinfo Article, Defining success through the value chain, in which you'll find our analyses of six common goals (e.g. innovation, generating revenue, efficiency, etc) you can use as a starting point for your Value Chain analysis.

It's a challenging process, but the benefits are many:

  • Closer relationships with users and stakeholders
  • Stronger negotiating positions with suppliers
  • Greater relevance and visibility of your services
  • A framework for evolving your service in response to changing conditions.

Contact your account manager or complete the form on our site if you have questions about the Focus on Value Chain or want to talk through the difference this methodology can make in your organisation.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research and Head of Consulting

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Jinfo Subscription
What are the benefits of a Jinfo Subscription?

Research-based insights, practical action and peer-group discussion to drive the value and visibiity of information in your organisation:

  • Self-paced activities and walk-through webinars
  • Community dialogue
  • Measurable results.

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Jinfo Testimonials
"I really value our competitive briefing sessions with Jinfo. You have helped us with our go-to-market strategy for a number of years, mainly around where we should focus our product strategy, how we should be messaging, and where the gaps, threats and opportunities are. We get great insights every time."
CEO of growing technology platform company, which supports information teams with efficiency and value-based reporting
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