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Newsletter 600

5th January 2023

Happy anniversary Jinfo, née FreePint

William HannI founded Jinfo 25 years ago, as "FreePint", to help information professionals like myself with practical tips to increase their value and visibility.

Today we publish the 600th issue of the twice-monthly newsletter. The readership grew to over 100,000, in both the "buy" and the "sell" sides of the information industry, and the complete archive is available.

Over the years we launched various sub-brands – remember VIP, FUMSI, the FreePint Bar and My Favourite Tipples? These were consolidated into the "FreePint Subscription" (10 years ago), then we changed the name to "Jinfo" (6 years ago).

Over 500 information experts have contributed to Jinfo thus far. I've enjoyed working with some incredible colleagues, including the wonderful Robin Neidorf (18 years), and support team Jody and Yvonne (14 years each). Stephen Phillips joined in 2020, and is extending our network of trusted analysts.

Whilst the value of information and its leaders has risen significantly over the last quarter-century, Jinfo clients still face significant resource constraints whilst maintaining critical services.

You can benefit from Jinfo's latest practical and unique resources:

  • Register for "Let’s talk talent", our Community session next week (10th January 2023). Win the war for talent by getting the low-down on attracting new staff and retaining the best people.

  • The follow-up article to our December Community session, "Holding Vendors to Account" provides practical insights into developing a vendor management framework to drive more value from the most important suppliers in your portfolio.

  • We'll focus on the opportunities in competitive intelligence for Information Leaders in "Building competitive advantage" (9th February 2023).

  • We're starting a series of discussions with senior leaders from information vendors, to improve your awareness of vendor roadmaps and highlight disruptors. Contact Stephen Phillips to suggest specific vendors to include.

By subscribing to the newsletter, and being a Jinfo client, you are contributing to the wonderful Jinfo network, and the information industry as a whole. 

Although it's no longer a "FreePint" (and your last chance to get 2022 Subscription prices) we do consider you VIPs (valuable information professionals?).

Here's to making the most of the next 25 years.

William Hann
Founder and Managing Director

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Let's talk talent

10th January 2023
Jinfo Community

In this Community session, share stories from the field with other information managers who have recently hired, are trying to hire, or anticipate hiring in the coming months.

Learn more and register

Building competitive advantage

9th February 2023
Jinfo Community

Join this Community session to discuss and explore the role of information leaders in competitive and business intelligence research, the opportunities for Information Leaders to develop or expand their CI capabilities and the challenges of information overload and proactive strategies to enhance CI without overwhelming the wider team.

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Are you holding your vendors to account? Key takeaways from the December Community session

Jinfo Article

Vendor management is one of the most potent ways of demonstrating your value to the wider organisation, yet it is something many clients struggle to implement.

Catch up with our recent Community Session "Holding Vendors to Account" to find out how to build a solid foundation on which to create meaningful service-level agreements and performance targets for your vendors.

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Key takeaways from the 'Cost Reduction Strategies' Community session

Jinfo Article

Reducing costs as a tactical, "knee-jerk" reaction to unfavourable economic indicators risks significant business disruption and can, in the long run, be an expensive exercise.

As the discussion with our Information Leaders revealed; successful cost reduction strategies involve a complex combination of "Stakeholder engagement", "Demand Management", "Knowing the market" and "Proactive vendor management".

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Jinfo Subscription

Connect your team with the practical tools, original research and expertise to build and support information strategy in your organisation:

  • Research-based insights, not available elsewhere
  • Peer to peer discussion not available elsewhere

A Jinfo Subscription gives your organisation access to Content and Community.

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