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Jinfo Newsletter No.440

Jinfo Newsletter 440

11th February 2016

Robin NeidorfJinfo is the new name for FreePint. You might have seen our announcement last week, and if you've been on the site you'll have seen the new branding.

This is simply a name change: we remain totally focused on original research to support the visibility and value of information in organisations.

We deliver through the Jinfo Subscription, covering the three topics that our research demonstrates need to work together:

  • Sources: What sources and products are available, and how do you get the most out of them?
  • Technology: What technologies and innovations enable better information delivery, management, and control?
  • Value: How do we better define, measure and improve the value of investments in information?

If you've been on the Newsletter list for some time but have never had a chance to explore, now is a great time to acquaint yourself with Jinfo's unique value:

  • Focus your attention through our Research Focus: our quarterly look at critical, strategic issues connects you with fresh research and practical outputs to make important improvements.

  • You need product reviews? We've got them: in-depth, methodical reviews that give you a short-cut to identifying alternatives and additions for your portfolio.

  • Need a quick overview of the freshest content? Our latest Subscription Update offers a summary, or visit our "What's New?" page.

But the best way to understand how we can help is to ask us how we address your particular priorities and areas of interest. Our staff can then select and make available to you "tasters" of our content. 

Or, if you already have a Jinfo Subscription, we can help direct you to the most appropriate resource, make recommendations, and take your suggestions for our research and editorial planning.

Ask us today, and we can be helping tomorrow.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

Name Change Announcement

Name Change Announcement

We hope you've seen our announcement that "FreePint" has been renamed "Jinfo".

The old name proved a barrier to us communicating the strategic importance of "information" through our research on sources, technology and value.

This Jinfo Newsletter remains the best way for you to stay informed about our latest research and resources.

Thank you for your continued support. Read the announcement here.

Research Focus

Strategic Alignment of IS and ITJinfo Research focuses on a different area of information strategy every calendar quarter.

  • The Topic Series Strategic Alignment of IS and IT (Jan-Mar 2016) enables content experts and technology experts to better understand, work together and achieve mutual goals around the value of information in their businesses.

  • Steve BynghallThink Differently When Talking to IT Colleagues by Steve Bynghall on 29th January.
    Jinfo's current Research Focus is the "Strategic Alignment of Information Services and IT". Co-producer Steve Bynghall reflects on recently-published articles and considers whether we really can build better relationships with our colleagues in the IT department.


Jinfo SubscriptionA Jinfo Subscription keeps information strategic to your organisation by providing unique and practical Content, Community and Consulting on information Sources, Technology and Value. Learn more.

  • Catherine DhanjalSubscription Update - What's New and What's Coming by Catherine Dhanjal on 4th February.
    Find out what's new and upcoming in our current Research Focus, "Strategic Alignment of Information Services and IT" as we shine the spotlight on the challenging relationship between information services and information technology. We've also published product reviews for Key Note, Research Monitor, Bloomberg Law and Cortera Pulse.

Latest Jinfo Subscription Articles and Reports:

Forthcoming Webinars and Communities of Practice:

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Explore the Jinfo Topics:

Jinfo Topic: Sources

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Jinfo Topic: Value


Jinfo BlogThe Jinfo Blog offers the latest commentary on trends, issues and opportunities in the information world, as well as examples of how organisations use Jinfo resources to raise the value of information.

Latest Jinfo Blog items:

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Jinfo Research Focus: Strategic Alignment of IS and ITHow's Your Relationship with IT?

Participate in the Jinfo Survey, and compare your world to your peer group.

Take 10 minutes to complete our survey, and get insight on relationships with our "sister" department, IT. We ask about:

  • How your organisation is structured
  • How much knowledge you have about IT priorities and structure
  • Involvement of your department and IT in significant projects

Your responses are anonymous, but if you provide an email address at the end, we'll send you a copy of the report in March. Respond now »

Jinfo Testimonials
"I found the session really interesting and definitely feel I have a clearer idea now of how we can start tackling the perennial issue of usage from different angles. I particularly like the table that filters it all down so well - this will be a good one to print out and put on my desk!"
Executive, Research Team; Global Business Advisory Firm
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