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Jinfo Newsletter No.441

Jinfo Newsletter 441

25th February 2016

Robin NeidorfTo be aligned with something you have to understand it - not just what it is, but how it relates to you and your expertise.

To help us set a baseline for current understanding, I encourage you to participate in Jinfo's Survey on Relationships between Information Services (IS) and Information Technology. This project aims to document just how much understanding and shared work currently exists between these two "sister" departments.

Information services and IT jointly and separately supply, enhance and restrict what users interact with and how they do so. That's why achieving alignment between them, the subject of our current Research Focus, isn't a "nice to have" - it's utterly essential.

During the Community sessions run through this Research Focus to date, participants and I have found it eye-opening to share how many of us have critical gaps in our knowledge about how things get done in the IT department. More than a few have left these sessions inspired to leverage their research skills to build their own understanding.

Take 10 minutes now and share your experience in our survey. Your participation is anonymous, but if you provide an email address at the end, you'll receive a copy of the results in March.

Then make practical progress towards alignment NOW, by:

If your relationship with IT is good, we can help you make it better. And if your relationship with IT is strained, frustrating or non-existent, we're focused on helping you identify why, and what you can realistically do about it.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

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Research Focus

Strategic Alignment of IS and ITJinfo Research focuses on a different area of information strategy every calendar quarter.

  • The Topic Series Strategic Alignment of IS and IT (Jan-Mar 2016) enables content experts and technology experts to better understand, work together and achieve mutual goals around the value of information in their businesses.

  • Scott VineFrom Decision-Making to Discovery Services by Scott Vine on 12th February.
    Jinfo's current Research Focus is the "Strategic Alignment of Information Services and IT". Co-producer Scott Vine reflects on recently-published articles on subjects from creating constructive meetings to single-search solutions and looks at what else is still to come.


Jinfo SubscriptionA Jinfo Subscription keeps information strategic to your organisation by providing unique and practical Content, Community and Consulting on information Sources, Technology and Value. Learn more.

  • Catherine DhanjalSubscription Update - What's New and What's Coming by Catherine Dhanjal on 17th February.
    A round up of our articles, product reviews and market landscapes published over the last two weeks, plus information on our Community sessions focusing on the relationship between information services and the IT department, and our custom Consulting work on areas such as effective communication with the C-Suite.

Latest Product Reviews:

  • Product Review of PrivCoProduct Review of PrivCo on 24th February.
    Jinfo reviews private company and investor database PrivCo, which provides difficult-to-source data on non-publicly traded companies as well as information on mergers and acquisitions, and private equity and venture-capital backed deals. In the United States alone, there are said to be over 150,000 private companies with revenues of over US$10 million compared to only 15,000 publicly-traded companies.

  • Product Review of Questel ORBIT IPProduct Review of Questel ORBIT IP on 22nd February.
    Questel ORBIT IP is the company's key patent search product that integrates Questel's global patent family database with powerful search and review tools. Our review explores basic and more complex research options, plus powerful analytics, and comments on use of this database by anyone with a serious interest in patents -- design engineers to business analysts.

  • Product Review of EBSCO Discovery ServiceProduct Review of EBSCO Discovery Service on 15th February.
    EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) is premium content supplier EBSCO's world-leading tool for single search across all an information centre's resources. One of the first discovery services, we reveal how it fares in a competitive market and what its plans are for the future.

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Jinfo BlogThe Jinfo Blog offers the latest commentary on trends, issues and opportunities in the information world, as well as examples of how organisations use Jinfo resources to raise the value of information.

Latest Jinfo Blog items:

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Jinfo Research Focus: Strategic Alignment of IS and ITHow's Your Relationship with IT?

Participate in the Jinfo Survey, and compare your world to your peer group.

Take 10 minutes to complete our survey, and get insight on relationships with our "sister" department, IT. We ask about:

  • How your organisation is structured
  • How much knowledge you have about IT priorities and structure
  • Involvement of your department and IT in significant projects

Your responses are anonymous, but if you provide an email address at the end, we'll send you a copy of the report in March. Respond now »

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