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Jinfo Newsletter No.446

Jinfo Newsletter 446

5th May 2016

Robin NeidorfJinfo's Content connects you with our latest research on information sources, technology and value. Our Community sessions provide a forum for discussing these insights and comparing notes with peers.

Jinfo Consulting turns that research-based foundation into customised projects.

We have a proven approach to helping you through such challenges as:

  • Current Awareness Evaluation: It's not enough to pick the "right" product; you have to consider content and technology separately, using a thorough needs analysis. Learn more »

  • Source Expertise: Consider the risks your organisation faces from undervaluing your source expertise: overspending, content misuse, and missed opportunities in the maturing world of data analytics. Protect the business while raising your profile. Learn more »

These are just two examples. If you need to make progress on a thorny challenge touching on sources, technology or value, we can help.

Why Jinfo Consulting?

Over our years of practical research, we've created a flexible, efficient approach:

  • Proven, customisable framework: Jinfo doesn't prescribe answers; instead, we help you to ask the right questions in the right order, to come to the right solution for your organisation.

  • Skills development: In every project there's an opportunity to invest in professional development. Stakeholder communications, new research approaches, strategic planning and more... it's all part of how Jinfo works with you.

  • Accountability: An external nudge ensures progress. Bi-weekly check-ins, with assignments between them, provide you with a structure to prioritise this work, even with other demands on your time and attention.

Start the Conversation

Learn more about Jinfo Consulting now. Get more information about proven projects, or ask about another area of need.

There's nothing we enjoy more than putting our experience to practical use for you. Start the conversation today.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

Learn more about a Jinfo SubscriptionFlexible options to add users, manage costs

Jinfo has gone live with more flexible pricing options:

  • Easily add users to your account for a low cost
  • Pay monthly for the same price as paying on an annual basis

We've even lowered the price on Content-level Subscriptions.

Check out the options »

Then contact us to update your user list, change your payment options or start a new subscription.

Research Focus

Source Expertise - What It Means in a Google WorldJinfo Research focuses on a different area of information strategy every calendar quarter.

  • The Research Focus Source Expertise - What It Means in a Google World (Apr-Sep 2016) brings together expert opinions on how to cultivate team awareness and skills to support source expertise, and insight into specialist segments of the information industry, such as niche, visualisation, and data mining tools, that highlight the unique nature of source expertise.

  • Demonstrating Source Expertise - Show It, Don't Tell It by Anja Chemnitz Thygesen on 26th April.
    Are you demonstrating how invaluable your information skills are to your colleagues and senior leadership? Co-producer of the Research Focus "Source Expertise - What It Means in a Google World", Anja Chemnitz Thygesen, highlights how recent articles and reviews can help you to position yourself as an expert.


Jinfo SubscriptionA Jinfo Subscription keeps information strategic to your organisation by providing unique and practical Content, Community and Consulting on information Sources, Technology and Value. Learn more.

  • Catherine DhanjalSubscription Update - What's New and What's Coming by Catherine Dhanjal on 27th April.
    Read our round up of the latest articles and reports from our new Research Focus, "Source Expertise - What It Means in a Google World". We have also published product reviews for ProQuest Summon and Intellixir. There are also plenty of webinars and online teleconferences scheduled for the next few months, so be sure to register ahead for those.

Latest Product Reviews:

  • Product Review of ProQuest SummonProduct Review of ProQuest Summon on 21st April.
    Our review of ProQuest Summon looks at what this discovery service offers, how it differs from federated search, and explains how it fits amongst competitors Primo, EBSCO Discovery Service and WorldCat's Discovery Services - and the impact of ProQuest's recent acquisition of Primo.

  • Mini Review of IntellixirMini Review of Intellixir on 20th April.
    In our review of data analysis solution Intellixir, we look at how it enables information professionals, research analysts and competitive intelligence specialists to efficiently and effectively manage and analyse the ever-increasing number of patents and scientific publications they encounter.

All Product Reviews »

Latest Jinfo Subscription Articles and Reports:

All Subscription Content »

Forthcoming Webinars and Community sessions:


Jinfo BlogThe Jinfo Blog offers the latest commentary on trends, issues and opportunities in the information world, as well as examples of how organisations use Jinfo resources to raise the value of information.

  • Kate LomaxMy Favourite Tipples from a Creative Technologist by Kate Lomax on 4th May.
    My Favourite Tipples are shared by Kate Lomax, a technologist and consultant who specialises in web publishing, rapid prototyping and online learning. Kate shares some of her go-to resources in the field of technology, ebook development, and research.

Latest Jinfo Blog items:

Visit the Blog »

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