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Jinfo Newsletter No.448

Jinfo Newsletter 448

9th June 2016

Robin NeidorfIf you want source expertise to be valued more highly in your organisation, you need to be willing to focus your services, interactions and development on that expertise 100%.

When we conduct intake interviews for consulting projects to help information services enhance the visibility and value of their source expertise, this is the benchmark we use. (Learn more about this service and request your own free intake interview.)

Every information professional we talk to agrees with this overall goal, but most struggle with how to accomplish it when we start to dig into exactly what "100%" means:

  • Laser-focus on continuous improvement of basic services like managing queries
  • Evaluation of every communication out of your department for how the way it reinforces source expertise
  • Cultivation of relationships with key areas of the business -- IT, HR, finance, analytics, strategy -- as a source expert.

The most valuable way you can serve your organisation is through your unique perspective on information sources: how to select them, how to measure their value, how to optimise their use and minimise any related risks.

Providing this expertise needs to be Job No. 1. Everything else needs to be streamlined, pushed to end users, outsourced, offshored, or stopped.

The latest resources in the current Research Focus, "Source Expertise in a Google World", will help reshape your thinking and ambitions in this direction.

For more hands-on help, turn to Jinfo's Consulting services. Request your free intake interview on source expertise today.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

Learn more about Jinfo ConsultingMove Forward with Information Strategy,
with Jinfo Consulting

Our proven, customisable framework enables you to ask the right questions in the right order, to establish and implement solutions that work in your environment.

"We have enjoyed immensely working with [your] consulting team. Their broad experience and practical hands-on approach to strategic challenges have been very valuable to us." -- head of information services, pharmaceuticals company

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Research Focus

Source Expertise - What It Means in a Google WorldJinfo Research focuses on a different area of information strategy every calendar quarter.

  • The Research Focus Source Expertise - What It Means in a Google World (Apr-Jun 2016) brings together expert opinions on how to cultivate team awareness and skills to support source expertise, and insight into specialist segments of the information industry, such as niche, visualisation, and data mining tools, that highlight the unique nature of source expertise.

  • Developing the Role of the Information Professional by Anja Chemnitz Thygesen on 7th June.
    Co-producer of the Research Focus "Source Expertise - What It Means in a Google World", Anja Chemnitz Thygesen, highlights some of the recent content and examines how the role of the information professional is changing and what new opportunities are on the horizon.


Jinfo SubscriptionA Jinfo Subscription keeps information strategic to your organisation by providing unique and practical Content, Community and Consulting on information Sources, Technology and Value. Learn more.

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  • Product Review of Northern Light SinglePointProduct Review of Northern Light SinglePoint on 16th May.
    Our review of Northern Light's SinglePoint portal explores how effectively it provides a single point of access to all of a client's internal and external research information including high quality data from some of the world's leading technology and industry research analysts.


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Jinfo BlogThe Jinfo Blog offers the latest commentary on trends, issues and opportunities in the information world, as well as examples of how organisations use Jinfo resources to raise the value of information.

  • Lynn StrandMy Favourite Tipples from a Market Intelligence Specialist by Lynn Strand on 8th June.
    My Favourite Tipples are shared by Lynn Strand of Outside Knowledge LLC, a market intelligence practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lynn's a 21st century librarian specialising in finding market information for her clients. Here she shares her best bets for open source consumer data.

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