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Jinfo Newsletter No.444

Jinfo Newsletter 444

7th April 2016

Robin NeidorfThe base price for a Jinfo Subscription has gone down by 10%, as of 1st April.

How often do you hear a publisher make that announcement?

Our new pricing, described in more detail on the Blog, offers a Content-level subscription for £60 per month or £720 per year. What's more, you now have the ability to add users to your account on an as-needed basis.

These enhancements, like most of those we make, come directly from customer feedback. You told us you wanted to be able to customise the size of your account to match the relevant users in your organisations - simple per user per month options now make this possible.

So who are those users, and how do they benefit? Our research, articles, webinars and Community sessions reflect what the best companies do in:

If one or more of those roles is in your job description, you've come to the right place. Read more about the roles we support.

Nowhere is this focus more evident than in our just-launched Research Focus: "Source Expertise - What It Means in a Google World". Today, anyone can search. Source expertise, on the other hand, helps an organisation make the most of emerging opportunities and protects it from information-related risks.

Over the next three months, we're producing an exciting and robust array of content and Community sessions that help you reinforce the value of your expertise to stakeholders, colleagues and customers.

So, don't miss any of this essential content:

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

Learn more about a Jinfo SubscriptionFlexible options to add users, manage costs

Jinfo has gone live with more flexible pricing options:

  • Easily add users to your account for a low cost
  • Pay monthly for the same price as paying on an annual basis

We've even lowered the price on Content-level Subscriptions.

Check out the options »

Then contact us to update your user list, change your payment options or start a new subscription.

Research Focus

Source Expertise - What It Means in a Google WorldJinfo Research focuses on a different area of information strategy every calendar quarter.


Jinfo SubscriptionA Jinfo Subscription keeps information strategic to your organisation by providing unique and practical Content, Community and Consulting on information Sources, Technology and Value. Learn more.

  • Catherine DhanjalSubscription Update - What's New and What's Coming by Catherine Dhanjal on 30th March.
    Read our concluding articles and reports from the Research Focus "Strategic Alignment of IS and IT", along with the results of our latest research into how information services professionals work with IT colleagues. Find out about our new Research Focus "Source Expertise - What It Means in a Google World", starting in April. Finally, don't miss our upcoming Community sessions.

Latest Product Reviews:

  • Product Review of ZoteroProduct Review of Zotero on 30th March.
    Our review of Zotero explains how this open source research management and citation tool allows users to bring order to their research content. We look at where Zotero fits in a crowded field of citation and bibliographic tools as well as more robust research management systems.

  • Product Review of Euromonitor Competitor AnalyticsProduct Review of Euromonitor Competitor Analytics on 23rd March.
    Our review of Euromonitor's Competitor Analytics highlights how the tool goes beyond simply providing industry data to providing a company-centric view of the FMCG universe using cross-standardised data from industries in Euromonitor's global research database, Passport. The type of interrelated industry data and many ways to filter the data makes Competitor Analytics hard to match.

All Product Reviews »

Latest Jinfo Subscription Articles and Reports:

All Subscription Content »

Forthcoming Webinars and Community sessions:


Jinfo BlogThe Jinfo Blog offers the latest commentary on trends, issues and opportunities in the information world, as well as examples of how organisations use Jinfo resources to raise the value of information.

  • Catherine DhanjalMy Favourite Tipples from a Managing Editor by Catherine Dhanjal on 6th April.
    My Favourite Tipples are shared by Catherine Dhanjal, Jinfo's managing editor, who's been working in writing and editing in the technology field for 15 years. Catherine shares some of the sites and newsletters she uses to keep up-to-date on trends in information trends, journalism and publishing.

Latest Jinfo Blog items:

Visit the Blog »

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